A glimpse of perfect Magenta


A stressful environment can drive people to be less self-compassionate, especially young people in particular, as they find themselves in increasingly competitive circumstances. Unconsciously, some younger people punish themselves by working overtime and overlooking their well-being after making mistakes. They believe that they made mistakes because they did not push themselves hard enough. Most people are not aware of their negative feelings towards and within themselves. As a result, they cannot help be less harsh on themselves, in addition to having no self-compassion.

From further research, I found that people tend to have less ability to cope with their stress when they have had traumatic experiences, such as being compared to others or being ignored when they were little. Other factors include abusive relationships or wanting to be recognised by others. Consequently, negative experiences make them feel inadequate and urges them to overlook traumas that happened in their lives by suppressing or ignoring them. The aim of this project is to use reflective drawings to encourage the audience to revisit their own problems, review their trauma and try to make peace with their attitude.

‘A Glimpse of Perfect Magenta’ is an animation about the journey of a writer who wants to help others by writing a reflective novel to allow others to realise their negative behaviours. She believes that self-compassion can help people cope with their stress. After gathering stories and references from others, through the process of drawing and writing, she came to be aware of her own feelings and found out why she wanted to do this project in the first place.


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