Park & Play


Park and Play is a community project, aimed to increase interactions between between those who previously don’t know each other, to foster relationships between those who already know each other, and to create safe and enjoyable space for children.

The installation are made from jackstones, ropes and rainbow threads. At first there were only empty bar at the park and we thought it could be used as the structure to do something, so we gathered the informations from the passerby who came to the park and they wanted something looked “attractive” as the park is being so dry and doesn’t have any landmark.

After conducting the experiment, people paid attention to the installation consistently, some of them are taking photos, posting the picture on instagram and asking for a photo we took of their children. In some distances the individuals interacted with the installation even start talking to each other.

A project collaboration by Nicharee Sawartsoot, Chompoonut Taweesuksatien, Chiratchaya Chantarameteekul, Siri Thaitrakulpanich

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